Tenant Eviction Process

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MJE Legal Services Ltd has the infrastructure in place to serve the relevant Section 8 or Section 21 Notices on problem tenants on behalf of the Landlord or Estate Agent. Please see the three steps of the Tenant Eviction Process outlined below.

Step 1 – £60
We will serve a Section 8 & 21 Notice on your problem tenant. It will warn them to pay the outstanding rent or to leave the property and it may be just what they need to realise the severity of the situation.

Step 2 – £450
Over 80% of tenants leave after Step 1. If not, we will arrange court proceedings to obtain a possession order and money judgement from the County Court if the tenant does not respond to Step 1.

Step 3 – £150 (inc. Court Fees)
If your problem tenant has not left your property by the date set by the Judge; we will instruct bailiffs to physically remove them from your property.

*Tips: How To Evict A Tenant
MJE Legal Services Ltd – the experts in providing landlord advice on how to evict a tenant. The Tenant Eviction Process and Court Eviction Process can be an extremely stressful time for landlords. Tenants may unjustly paint you as a bad landlord and provide a litany of excuses for not paying the rent; this only adds insult to injury. *Not only is your investment under threat, but the stress caused by the uncertainty and fear of damage to your property may be unbearable.
NB* The question you may be asking yourself is how can I evict a tenant not paying rent?
*If you are having trouble dealing with bad tenants and would like more information about landlord rights to evict a tenant, we can help.

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