Support For Embassies & Consulates

MJE Legal Services Ltd has over 21 years experience in providing legal support services between Embassies/Consulates, the public and legal representatives such as Law firms.

Recent changes within the legal profession means that MJE Legal Services Ltd can now be of further assistance to your Embassy/Consulate.  One major change which would benefit your Visa legalisation Department; their customers and your Embassy staff in general is direct access to barristers. Details are set out below.

Direct Access:

What is Direct Access or Direct Public Access:-

Until recently, all barristers in practice at the Bar of England and Wales were forbidden to be instructed by the public. All instructions to barristers had to come only from solicitors. This restriction has recently been abolished.

Now, any member of the public and any member of a profession can go straight to a barrister with their legal problem from the outset to:

  • Seek legal advice.
  • Draft documents.
  • Assist and advise on legal disputes.
  • Help with correspondence where disputes have arisen.
  • Advise and help in gathering evidence.
  • Preparing witness statements and court documents.
  • Deal with and advise on court procedures.
  • Conduct trials and hearings in the courts and in tribunals on behalf of clients.


MJE Legal Services Ltd has access to a panel of 20 to 30 barristers who under the new Direct Access ruling will have an increasing volume of documents and visas required to be legalised within your Embassy. MJE Legal Services Ltd can provide a direct link between these barristers, their clients and your Embassy’s/Consulate’s Legalisation Department.
Please contact us to discuss the benefits and increased volume of business transactions MJE Legal Services Ltd can bring to your Embassy via your Legalisation Department.

Additionally, owing to our association with numerous barristers who specialise within the many areas of the law, MJE Legal Services Ltd would also be able to provide members of your Embassy/Consulate with quick and immediate access to a barrister for the resolution of any legal matter.

MJE Legal Services Ltd.