Apostilles/Legalisation Services

Apostile/Legalisation services:


MJE Legal Services Ltd is the first port of call for all your document and Visa Apostile/legalisation issuing requirements.

We have the infrastructure in place to have various documents/ Visas legalised (apostille led) in readiness for notarisation and use abroad.

For further details on how MJE Legal Services Ltd can assist you in this department whether you are a 1) Barrister 2) Solicitor 3) Alternative Business Structure 4) Embassy or Consulate Rep or 5) A member of the Public, please click on the ‘Sectors’ link relevant to you.

Why do I need to legalise?

If you need to use a UK or Irish public document in an overseas country, then you may find that the local authorities require it to be legalised document before they will accept it. Each foreign country will have its own legalisation requirements.

What information is contained on the Apostille?

The certificate contains the following information:

  1. Country of origin
  2. Name of signatory on the document
  3. The capacity in which that signatory has acted
  4. If the document has been sealed/stamped instead of signed then the details of the authority
  5. Place of certification
  6. Date of certification
  7. Issuing authorities details
  8. Certificate number
  9. Stamp of issuing authority
  10. Authorised signature of authority

Documents signed by a solicitor or notary public

Some documents may require the certification of a UK notary public or solicitor before they can be submitted to us for legalisation:

Please refer to the ‘TIP’ that relates to the type of document you wish to legalise (listed below). If the document requires the certification or signature of a notary public or solicitor, the UK practising notary public/solicitor MUST do this whilst in the UK.

If a UK notary public, solicitor or barrister practising within the UK is signing a document, they should state clearly

a)     What exactly it is they are certifying in relation to the document.

b)    They must sign in their own name and not use a company signature.

c)     They should clearly print their name and their firm’s/chambers name under the signature.

  • NB *We have highlighted (under ‘TIPS’) when a document needs to be signed by a UK notary public or solicitor before it is sent to us in the links below.



NB* Customers should be aware that some countries only recognise documents notarised by a qualified notary public.

Some countries, such as the USA, Canada and Australia contain individual States, and each has its own system of law.

Photo copy Documents

We can legalise photocopies of certain types of documents as long as they have been certified in the UK by a practising UK notary public, solicitor or barrister as being true photocopies.

NB* Please note that: this does not include Birth, Death, Marriage, Adoption and Civil certificates.

If you want to legalise a certified photocopy of a particular document, and we are able to do this, you should also confirm with the authority in the destination country requiring the legalisation that a certified photocopy is acceptable to them.

Laminated documents

We are unable to legalise any document that has been laminated.


The following countries are all members of the Hague conference and have entered into force Convention 12 of 5 October 1961, Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents.

These countries will therefore accept the Apostille Certificate in place of any further legalisation.

Countries not listed will often still require an Apostille but will then also require further legalisation via their embassy.