About Us


MJE Legal Services Ltd has over 21 years legal service experience in the following areas:

  • Appearing before High Court Judges and Masters when required on Dispute Resolution, Commercial Litigation and Insolvency related matters. Attending before District Judges on occasions.
  • Making sorties to the Royal Courts of Justice (RCJ); Rolls Building and PRFD to issue all originating process.
  • Presenting cases before Masters and Judges at the High Court and County Courts. Oftentimes taking attendance notes in the presence of Counsel.
  • Assisting and utilising our communication, client management skills on a daily basis within key areas of the Law:
  1. Employment
  2. Admiralty/Maritime
  3. Bankruptcy
  4. Company and Commercial Litigation
  5. Litigation
  6. Family
  7. Immigration (Judicial Reviews/Home Office attendance)
  • Liaising with the List offices and Judges Clerks with whom we have a built strong trust and understanding over the years.
  • Analysing, collating and organising sensitive documents and files for the purpose of disclosure.
  • Involved closely with numerous Insolvency, Litigation and Private Client cases, applying an enthusiastic, flexible and can-do attitude.
  • MJE Legal Services provide a bespoke Tenant Eviction Service to assist/advise landlords and estate agents as to the correct procedure with regards to the removal of problem tenant/s that are refusing to pay outstanding rent or leave the property when requested.  We will serve the relevant Section 8 Notice or Section 21 Notice as the situation dictates, initiating court proceedings and the involvement of bailiffs to legally remove the problem tenant/s from the premises if necessary.
  • Frequenting Embassies as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to have visas and documents apostil led.

MJE Legal Services Ltd.

The word is “INTEGRITY”